Simple cleaning tips to maintain liforme yoga mat

Published : 11/10/2017  |  Categories : Yoga

Simple cleaning tips to maintain liforme yoga mat

We hope that your mat is serving you well, many will notice Liforme mats will start to have some stains after using for quite sometime.


Here are some simple cleaning tips to help keep you and your Liforme mat in great shape for your practice.


Depending on what type of yoga you do and how intense your practices are, we recommend a gentle clean every 7-10 practice, as follows:


a)     Let the mat dry flat before rolling it up (no problem to roll it after class, take it home, then unroll to dry!)


b)     Clean with just a tiny drop of dish soap liquid in water or mat wash, using a soft non-abrasive sponge which is dampened and not soaking wet.


c)      Leave to dry flat. Please try to avoid drying the mat in direct sunlight as the mat is biodegradable and therefore photo-sensitive.


If you are practicing hot yoga, heat and the extra sweat which will case your mat laden with salt, of course it will degrade any mat at a faster rate so we would advise you to clean your mat more regularly/after every practice.


Ultimately, it depends on just how much sweat goes into the mat, and every user will have different requirements for cleaning. If you are cleaning regularly, do ensure you only use a mat wash and a soft sponge which is available for purchase from


We would also advise to keep your Liforme mat at room temperature, rather than in a heated environment. 


For some Yogis, particularly those who practice very regularly and intensely, or in heated environments, it may be necessary to do a much deeper clean. Here are the tips using a very heavily diluted solution of water with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), or white vinegar. Simply wipe this solution over the surface with a soft sponge or cloth!


Please do be aware that we recommend caution when using these deep cleaning methods, as they are beyond Liforme general cleaning instructions. We suggest this deeper clean should be no more regular than every 3-6 months, depending upon intensity of use.


You can also find a copy of these basic cleaning instructions here on Liforme website.


If you require additional help with this or any more information about your Liforme mat, please feel free to email us any time at